Presale Cancellation

TONpad prioritizes investor safety while maintaining the integrity of the platform. To uphold these standards, the team vigilantly monitors for deceptive projects. As a project owner, you must agree to the following terms:

TONpad reserves the right to cancel your presale for any of the following reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Plagiarizing content, artwork, games, or websites

  • Smart contracts that jeopardize investor safety

  • Smart contracts with exit or mint functions

  • Deceptive practices in presale contributions to artificially inflate total funds raised or number of contributors

  • Deceptive behavior related to the KYC application

  • Abusive or disrespectful behavior toward any TONpad team member or community member

If your presale is canceled for any of the above reasons, you agree to forfeit the right to a refund.

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